Layering Impermanence  

Boom + Bust, San Francisco.

Location: Mission District 

Keywords: unfinished architecture, sanctioned impermanence, loose fit, baggy space, designing for change, economic disparity, adaptive reuse, alternative sustainable practices, versatility, adaptability

This advanced studio embraces these challenges by seeking architectures that anticipate unknowable future/uses different from their initial programming. Given the intense energy and material investment in buildings, how do we design productively for such unusually dynamic cultural and economic situations?  We tested our work with likely future scenarios: radical switch in uses, evolution over time, and significant additions. We investigated the architectonic, programmatic, spatial and aesthetic opportunities of flexible, adjustable, open-ended and/or explicitly unfinished buildings. Our explorations include the implications of these  ideas and strategies on program allocation, spatial ordering, form, tectonics, systems, and material and technical choices. 

Advanced Studio


Lisa Findley and Inaqui Carnicero