Museum of Mundanities. Inner Sunset, San Francisco.

While at CCA, our team proposed the temporary installation in the Inner Sunset, a neighborhood in San Francisco, CA. As part of the "Researching Research" course taught by Professor Janette Kim, the team investigated different tools for engagement. Our work consisted of the planning, fabrication, and placement of randomly-selected objects. As a prototype, the objects are carefully presented on pedestals and displayed as an outdoor exhibition in a museum to facilitate the interaction between visitors and residents.


These objects, the majority rendering domestic life--and personal or intimate life--provide a possibility to engage indirectly with residents as visitors find random pedestals on the sidewalks. The prototype is flexible and applicable to any location in the urban grid.


Photo: pedestal and resident leaving his house on a Saturday morning. 


Janette Kim 


Ephrata Deneke, Shailee Shah, Quinn Hammond, Joaquin Tobar