Room for Rent

In the midst of the San Francisco housing crisis this project combines and engages collective living strategies with urban amenities in the heart of South of Market. By uniting student housing and performance spaces the project becomes an urban activator.

The ground level is open to the public; offering up a coffee shop, a new passage between Langston and 7th streets and a school of creativity focused on music performance. The architecture not only stimulates the neighbor economy, It also activates the dynamics of social exchange.

These exchanges are manifested through different scales of sharing: within a unit, within a super unit, and within the major common space that is the kitchen. The super units become a collective space allowing it to function as a temporary gallery or workspace for students.

SOMA's predominant material is the brick, which has been used on industrial warehouses, stations and office buildings. This project seeks to blend this language with a more complex spatial relationships.


Kristen Sidell, Erik Bloom